Packing & Organizing Christmas Decor - You'll Be Thanking Yourself Next Year!

Updated: Jan 29

Almost looks too pretty to pack it away. But alas, the holiday season is over and the (dreaded) clean-up begins. I spend about half the time putting Christmas decorations away as I do bringing it out for display. Over the years, I have developed a pretty good system for organizing. First, I take down all the ornaments starting with the tree(s). I have found that a plastic laundry basket & serving trays are my tools of choice for moving items from room to room and floor to floor to pack up. Next, I wrap up ribbons, wired and battery operated lights, and misc. decorations. I try to put "like items" in the same storage box. IE, wired lights, replacement bulbs, and extension cords are in one box. Ornaments in another, etc. Also, I fix/repair items before putting them away. You will thank yourself next year for taking the extra time.

Everyone always asks, "where do you store everything?!" Well, here it all is. I am so fortunate that my spouse (surprised me years ago) built a rack for all my storage totes. Of course, I didn't get to this point over night, this is years and years (too many to say) of building my collection of holiday and seasonal decorations. Also, I purchased (33 gallon) totes over the years. At first, this was because I had a leak in the basement of my old house and some items were damaged. Then, I was moving and large storage totes for decorations seemed the best solution and safest way to transport.

TIP: Last year, I threw out all the cardboard ornament boxes and opted for these storage bins (which fit inside the totes!) I found this under bed Christmas ornament storage box on *Amazon. Downsizing the cardboard containers saved so much time (decorating and with clean-up) and saved (storage) space.

Hope this helps you save time and space when cleaning up your Christmas decorations.

Let me know what you think. Is this something you'd try❓

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