Cleaning & Decorating - A Positive Distraction

Updated: Jan 21

I have always turned to cleaning as a stress reliever. Also, considering alternatives like drinking and eating, it seems a healthy alternative to a vise. However, cleaning only satisfied the need to complete a task and see work finished but it wasn’t enjoyable until I added decorating.

I started like many people, focused on the main holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the seasonal decorating of fall and Halloween. Over the years adding Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, etc. finding (pretty much) any reason to decorate. I didn’t realize this was excessive until my daughter pointed out that her friend’s parents didn’t do it. Still, this never stopped me.

Now, even with my daughter grow and living on her own, I continue to decorate. During the pandemic, it has been a positive distraction. I understand why some people felt the need to put up a tree and Christmas lights last summer. I started earlier than normal too, a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. Of course, this year was different with social distancing, but I shared my photos to social media in place of visitors and dinner parties.

Launching my business and posting Christmas decorating tips and ideas meant every inch of the house was decked out with beautiful ornaments and holiday decorations. Amazingly, I didn’t bring it “all-out” but I would say about 90% of the decorations accumulated over the years (too many to say) were on display.

Our Christmas was very small, just four of us but it was wonderful. I recognize Christmas is about the people and the time spent together - not the decorations “and stuff.” But somehow, this year, it was needed and appreciated. For a moment, we were taken away from the seriousness in the world. And I thought to myself, what a great gift to give others: a positive distraction, a moment of beauty, and a new memory of good times - even in 2020.

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